It’s always nice to have someone say kind words about you and your work, but just in this past month, Hooks Book Events has received two wonderful endorsements from clients that we believe capture the essence of our work.  We believe our clients can say it better than we can and we appreciate their taking out the time to share their thoughts. See below!

Noblis Executive

“I was one of the attendees at today’s workshop with Dan Pink. It was a fantastic experience. I found it very relevant and useful. This was the third time I’ve seen him present here, and he outdoes himself every time. Tech Tuesdays in general is something I really look forward to and, to me, is just one of the many highlights of working at Noblis. I wanted to express my appreciation for the opportunity to participate in today’s workshop…and also offer a thank you for the Tech Tuesdays author-speaker series in general. From writers like Dan Pink, to Nassim Taleb, to Daniel Kahneman just last month, and all the others in between…I am literally amazed at the quality and variety of authors you manage to bring in. I have gotten a lot out of the presentations and try to attend as many of them as I can, not to mention actually reading the books! Thanks again and enjoy the weekend.”

Robert M. Tobiassen, Former TTB Chief Counsel, Treasury Department

As a senior executive in Federal Government, the perfect briefing was hearing the key points from the expert, having the opportunity to ask the expert a few clarifying questions, and taking away a detailed briefing book that provided the full picture. The author presentations organized by Hooks Book Events that I attended at the Treasury Executive Institute always met this same goal. The author was the expert in the field or on the topic, could answer questions succinctly and pointedly, and the book we took with us functioned like the detailed briefing books. The model worked great.”