We’re a Benefit Corporation!

It’s official — Hooks Book Events is now a Benefit Corporation in the State of Maryland. As such, we are thrilled to join the growing ranks of companies that place doing good right up there with doing well.
Speaking of growing, we are pleased to report that our Bulk Book Sales business is thriving! Here’s why:
  1. Excellent customer service and competitive pricing — Read testimonials from our customers here.
  2. Unique business model — we partner with three great independent retailers (Politics & Prose, Harvard Books, Parnassus Books) and all of the sales report!
  3. As a Benefit Corporation, we are pooling funds from these bulk orders to purchase and drop ship books to schools and communities in the Washington, DC area that do not have the means to buy them. We think everyone should have access to books, and our bulk sales customers agree.

Please contact us for more information about placing bulk book orders.