March 2019 News: New Spring Titles, Frederick Wherry with Credit Where It’s Due at the Aspen Institute

Time for Spring Training with HBE! Perry’s just back from a fun trip to Florida, including a cool book event at the Cade Museum with the amazing Judah Pollack — check it out on our Instagram! It’s a shame we can’t all head south to escape these gray March days but take heart – we can do our own spring training camp right here. We have a special truncated version of our Know Ahead List ready for you – lean and focused, to help you plot your winning strategy. And we are not kidding about that – there are at least 10 books on this list that have the word win, winner, or winning in the title! We’re calling it a trend. Email Perry or Louise to get your copy.

Coming Attractions

Our 2019 event calendar is filling in nicely – how is yours? Below are just a few of the books and authors we’re excited to welcome in the coming months — perhaps you would like to add an event with one of them to your schedule?

Programs with a Purpose

What an event we had in late January with Stephanie Land, author of MAID: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother’s Will to Survive. Mark Bergel of A Wider Circle did a wonderful job interviewing Stephanie, who spoke frankly and honestly about her life as a single mother living in poverty. Hooks Book Events is proud to partner with Leadership Greater Washington and A Wider Circle on these Programs with a Purpose, an effort to get issues on poverty in front of a relevant audience.

Mark Bergel, Stephanie Land, Perry Hooks

Save the Date: May 3rd at the Aspen Institute

We are thrilled to be partnering with the Aspen Institute, along with A Wider Circle and Leadership Greater Washington, to host Princeton professor and author Frederick Wherry for an event discussing his new book Credit Where It’s Due: Rethinking Financial Citizenship. This luncheon event will be held at the Aspen Institute on May 3rd. Registration opens soon!


Bridge Builders and Bulk Book Orders

We produced five Bridge Builder events with our partner schools in the first quarter and hope to increase this number throughout the year. Authors Malachi Byrd, Kondwani Fidel and Tony Jack were well received by the students, who also enjoyed receiving signed copy of the book. We pool the revenue from our bulk sales to produce these events. And, the sales go through our wonderful network of five independent bookstores, so it’s a win for everyone! Please consider us for your next order. Email Denise for more information and an estimate.

Check This Out…

Looking for news on all things book? Check out our new favorite booky aggregator Literary Hub or LitHub for short. Our pals at Grove Atlantic Press told us about it and we are loving the daily emails! Beware, it is a site you can get lost on for a long time!

And we’ve resuscitated our Instagram! Please follow us at hooksbookevents! We will be adding pictures from the wonderful events happening this year.
Thank you, as always, for your support!

“If you have the words, there’s always a chance that you’ll find the way.” — Seamus Heaney

All the best,
Perry, Denise, Louise, Suzanne, Sunny & Robin