October 2021: Ideas for Team Building in the Holiday Season

Happy Holiday Book Programs

We’ve found authors of new books to deliver the most fun, delicious, and interactive virtual programs for bringing teams together in the holiday season. These books make great gifts, and can be delivered individually to each member of your team.

Read more about the selections below and contact Perry or Louise today to see if one of these authors is available for your organization’s holiday event!

Cocktails, Mocktails, and Garnishes from the Garden: Recipes for Beautiful Beverages with a Botanical Twist (Yellow Pear Press, March 16, 2021) allows you to step inside a bartender’s apothecary, forage for garnishes, and craft some of the most popular cocktails, mocktails, and beverages. Katie Stryjewski is a writer, cocktail photographer, recipe developer, and Instagram influencer who trained as an ornithologist and evolutionary biologist, receiving her PhD from Boston University and completing a postdoc at Harvard University before transitioning to her current career.

Relax and Enjoy Your Food: Save your money, your health, and your sanity by separating fact from flapdoodle ( Very Good Books, August 14, 2021) uses science and a little common sense to take away your food anxiety while allowing you to eat healthily. Craig Good spent thirty one years at Pixar (and Lucasfilm before that), and is now an Assistant Professor at the California College of the Arts.

Cookies: The New Classics: A Baking Book (Clarkson-Potter, Oct. 26, 2021) delivers sweet satisfaction to anyone looking to up their cookie game. Jesse Szewczyk is a writer, recipe developer, and food stylist. He is a cookie columnist at The Kitchn and his recipes have been featured in The Washington Post and on the Food Network, Food52, BuzzFeed, and Tasty, among others. Jesse is also the author of Tasty Pride.

The Cheese Board Deck: 50 Cards for Styling Spreads, Savory and Sweet (Clarkson Potter, Nov. 2, 2021) is a beautiful, helpful card deck that offers 50 creative ideas for styling and presenting food platters for any occasion–no cooking skills required! Meg Quinn is a food stylist who has produced beautiful products for brands including Samsung, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma, and Sur La Table, amongst others.

​In OM for the hOMe: A Holistic Approach to Interior Design for Your Overall Wellbeing, Body, Mind and Spirit (High Star, Sept. 8, 2021), life coach and award-winning interior designer Carrie Leskowitz shares her holistic approach to intentionally curating an environment where you’ll thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Major Labels: A History of Popular Music in Seven Genres (Penguin Press, Oct. 5, 2021) is the entire history of popular music over the past fifty years refracted through the big genres that have defined and dominated it, by Kelefa Sanneh, one of the essential voices of our time on music and culture.

The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails (Oxford U Press, Oct. 14, 2021) looks at spirits around the world. Lavishly illustrated, it includes a guide to mixing drinks. David Wondrich is a James Beard Award winning author; Noah Rothbaum is editor of the Daily Beast’s Half Full section.

Cook Once Dinner Fix: Quick and Exciting Ways to Transform Tonight’s Dinner into Tomorrow’s Feast (Simon & Schuster, Sept. 21, 21), from best-selling author Cassy Joy Garcia, solves the “what’s for dinner” question without requiring enormous amounts of time, energy, skill, or money.