HBE ENGAGE Video Call Author Events

Foster Engagement in Remote Work Environments

Hooks Book Events enables organizations to have highly interactive, shared learning experiences through conversations with authors of new books. Whether for executive development, employee training or your new company book club, it’s our goal to Infuse Ideas Everywhere™.

With HBE Engage, your organization can connect with selected authors through video conference calls, extending the shared experience to your team wherever they may be. Through a video call author event, organize a unique learning program within days or weeks on topics that are top of mind. A minimum order of 100 books can be shipped to individuals at their home offices or drop shipped to a central location. (Prefer an in-person program, instead?  See our Author Events>>)

A few of the topics suited for HBE Engage programs include:

  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Mindfulness
  • Teleworking
  • Change management

How It Works

We will set-up and coordinate all of the details of the event with the author. This includes a pre-event practice call with the author to prepare specific content and technology needs for your audience.
Hooks Book Events will join the event on your company’s videoconferencing platform or host it for you on our own platform to ensure everything runs smoothly.