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Bruce Stewart with The Click Code: Why Some Teams Click and Others Don’t

August 8

Dr. J Bruce Stewart has served and been involved in numerous Leadership and Diversity initiatives at the local, state, and national levels. He lectured on diversity and inclusion at several educational institutions, including MIT, Harvard, and West Point. He authored a book on diversity leadership titled Cultural Leadership: The New Chemistry of Leading Differently.

About The Click Code:

If there’s one thing we understand about ourselves, it’s that humans are social creatures. We need to connect to other people. Teamwork is in our DNA. However, despite our desire and need to be part of a team, forming a team that clicks is one of our most complex challenges. Leaders in business, sports, and the military struggle to find the seemingly magical combination of individuals who can come together and create something greater than the sum of its parts.

The Click Code opens with a link between drug addiction and the need for social interaction and how it connects to the topic of teamwork. The book removes universal fallacies about teamwork, such as ‘diversity is key’ where in fact, diversity alone is not key. It stresses the importance of understanding that diversity and inclusivity are two different things, but they cannot be implemented as separate strategies. This knowledge is indispensable as we are so misguided in thinking that diversity is enough to tick boxes.

From the Apollo 13 mission, Rosa Parks to Pixar, The Lakers, and the makers of West- side story, we see an insightful assembly of external sources that cater to all. The Click Code explains why some teams that should never work end up achieving incredible success and why some teams that look amazing on paper flounder and fail.

In The Click Code, you will learn:

  • The benefits of feeling connected
  • Why teams fail
  • The three rules of teamwork
  • Why inclusion matters
  • The power of personality

… and much more!

This book will forever change the way you view collaboration and teamwork. It is essential reading for anyone who works as part of a team, is a team leader, or who is responsible for forming teaming and encouraging collaboration.


August 8