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Jeff Boss with Navigating Chaos: How to Find Certainty in Uncertain Situations

April 24, 2018

Jeff Boss has faced and overcome uncertainty in the most tumultuous circumstances. As a Navy SEAL, he worked in some of the most unforgiving environments on earth and faced enemies that constantly changed, much like today’s business landscape. In a world of chaos, how do individuals and teams stay together to find certainty in a world where there is anything but? This book reveals how. Using anecdotal experiences from both the military and business worlds, Boss highlights the individual mindsets, team practices, and organizational considerations for how people and companies can forge certainty amidst inevitable chaos.

About Navigating Chaos: How to Find Certainty in Uncertain Situations

Jeff Boss is the President of Chaos Advantage, a global coaching and consulting practice based in Washington D.C. that helps corporate teams accelerate performance by leveraging his 13 years of experience as a Navy SEAL to the constantly changing business environment, where leadership, teamwork, communication, and decision-making are equally vital for success. From 2013 to 2015, Jeff was a management consultant at the McChrystal Group, specializing in Organizational Adaptability. Jeff started his career as a Navy SEAL, where he was deployed eight times to combat zones and operated under intense amounts of stress while in uncertain environments. His top military awards include four bronze stars with valor, two purple hearts, two presidential unit citations and six combat actions ribbons, among others

As a result of his unique insight into high performing cultures, Jeff felt compelled to share the lessons learned in his first book Navigating Chaos: How To Find Certainty In Uncertain Situations. His second book, Managing The Mental Game: How To Think More Effectively, Navigate Uncertainty, And Build Mental Fortitude, shares the mental tools and tactics that he, and others, have employed to self-manage under such circumstances. He is a founding member of the SEAL Future Fund (nonprofit), a co-founder of the Adaptability Metric and contributes weekly to Forbes and Entrepreneur on the topics of leadership, teamwork, and the performance mindset. His clients range from one-person startups to Fortune 10 companies.


April 24, 2018


Hershey, Pa.