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Posted on January 22, 2013 in In the News

HBE Authors IN THE NEWS- Check out these links..

Hooks Book Events works with authors when their books are hot off the press. On January 16, we took Alan Blinder to the Greater Washington Board of Trade as the key note speaker for their Annual Meeting when the ink was still wet on his latest book After the Music Stopped.  Blinder articulated these 10 Commandments during his talk.  These are great reminders as we enter a New Year. 

We are seeing a lot of articles in various publications around inequality - globally and here at home.  HBE is pleased to be bringing Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz to the SEC in April; Stiglitz will be discussing his latest book The Price of Inequality.  Check out this link to get his opinions on inequality and the recovery.

Loretta is also headed to Boston in a few weeks where we have secured an event with Whole Foods Founder John Mackey.  He and co-author Raj Sisodia will be discussing their new book, Conscious Capitalism.  This fun interview in The New York Times Magazine is a good quick read.  Mackey was also interviewed on NPR; you may be surprised at his point of view on the Obama Health Care Bill and by where he cast his vote in November.


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