Create a World-Class Work Environment

Professional development and team building are essential to cultivating your company’s most valuable asset–your employees. New ideas can change the way your employees approach problem-solving and improve productivity. Create a world-class work environment by offering employees a way to network with colleagues while sharpening their critical thinking skills. 

Author events are a unique and affordable way to brand your business with your clients and prospects. Hosting events with thought leaders and new books creates a unique environment where your clients gain insight, and learn about new products and services. 

Attendees get to meet the authors when the books are newly released, and they get to take home a signed copy of the book as a memory of the event. NEW — interactive video calls with authors.

How It Works

We will set-up and coordinate all of the details of the event with the author. This includes having the nameplates ready to go for the book signing.
Hooks Book Events will be at the event to ensure all goes smoothly with the author talk and the book signing.

Get Started

Engage your employees and clients by bringing our authors to your office for an author book event  We bring you authors who have penned books about current events and trends such as:

  • Business Strategy/Change Management
  • Finance/Economics/Blockchain
  • Health & Wellness
  • History, Biography & Memoir
  • Innovation
  • Inspiration & Leadership
  • Politics/Policy/Public Health
  • Professional & Personal Success
  • Promoting Diversity & Inclusion
  • Technology

Our programs allow an exciting opportunity to have thought leaders of today, and New York Times’ bestselling writers at your organization. Contact us about creating a program for your organization today!