Finally, a DAN Discussion

Move over TED and your 18-minute Talks, HBE is organizing three DAN Discussions over the next few months with some of our favorite authors named DAN! In alphabetical and chronological order:

Dan Ariely: One of our favorite behavioral economists will be in town in November and we are excited to host him at a private event in Reston. His new book, Dollars and Sense, delves into the illogical world of personal finance.

Dan Heath: We have been trying to host the Heath brothers for many years now and have just secured a December event for Dan in his own back yard in the Research Triangle. His new book, The Power of Moments, will guide readers on how to create extraordinary moments, and the fascinating mysteries of experience.

Dan Pink: Our good friend is at it again with a new book in the new year! The timing is right for this book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. We have already secured an event in Florida in early February, and Dan will be working with HBE and our business model in first quarter 2018 and beyond. If you are interested in hosting him, please contact us!

dan heath