September 2020: Ready to ENGAGE with Your Organization this Autumn!

We have had the great pleasure to work with organizations across the country this summer, continuing to deliver virtual author events through our new HBE ENGAGE service! A few things we’re learning about these live, interactive videoconferences:

  • We’re able to engage more members of your team from remote locations than ever before.
  • This new format enables more people to participate with questions and comments.
  • More authors are able to schedule private programs in this format.
  • Events can be organized in a matter of days or weeks.

See the authors we’re working with now, and a few from our latest Know Ahead List. Join us for an upcoming public event or view one of the videos from recent events. Let’s connect about your organization’s goals for this autumn and how we can help!


Authors We’re Working With Now

Organizations we serve are inspiring conversations within their teams on the topics of technology, leadership, cybersecurity, inclusivity, unconscious bias, law, history, professional motivation, and more. Contact Perry for more information on bringing these authors to your organization today via ENGAGE video calls.





Join Us at Programs with a Purpose on 9/16 Featuring Jessica Henry with Smoke But No Fire

Programs with a Purpose: Jessica Henry


Hooks Book Events continues our partnership with Leadership Greater Washington and A Wider Circle to produce the “Programs with a Purpose” series of conversations via web videoconferencing. We invite you to join us for our next event on Wednesday, September 16 at 9:00am.

Nearly one-third of all known exonerations involve crimes that were later found to have never occurred: police plant evidence, eyewitnesses and informants lie outright, and forensic experts mislabel non-criminal events (suicide or accidental fire) as crimes (homicide or arson). Hundreds, if not thousands, of people spend time in prison every day for fictional crimes.

In her new book, Smoke But No Fire: Convicting the Innocent of Crimes that Never Happened, former New York City public defender Jessica S. Henry provides the first full account of this common but previously undocumented wrongful conviction: no-crime convictions. Further, Henry examines the scope, frequency, significance, types, and causes of no-crime convictions, while also offering practical solutions to reduce their prevalence.

Videos of Recent ENGAGE Author Programs

We remained very active this summer delivering ENGAGE webinar programs on a wide range of topics. Two of our recent programs were open to the public, and we’re very pleased to share videos from these events with you!

Jim McKelvey with The Innovation Stack


Minda Harts with The Memo: What Women of Color Need To Know To Secure A Seat At The Table